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M-A-S-T is bringing networks together to create something big in the East Coast snowboarding world. We're a collective of snowboard competitors, coaches and enthusiasts whose goal is to push both the team's and their individual progression on a snowboard. The team is for anyone who wants to take their ability to the next level - whether it's your first time on a board, landing a backflip, or stomping a halfpipe run in competition - we will be able to come together as a team to lead the Mid-Atlantic area in snowboarding!

We have weekly clinics, both indoor and outdoor, to help us train during any season. These clinics include: trampoline sessions, dryslope sessions, box/rail sessions, on-snow sessions, and a wide variety of other activities and coached clinics.

 During the season, along with our regular clinics and meet ups, we will have team members of all ages that wish to compete in USASA (United States Amateur Snowboard Association) training with coaches and traveling to local Mts to compete against other amateurs in their age group. We'd like to set up support groups to both train with and cheer on their teammates during these competitions.

Its time for the riders of the Mid Atlantic to start showing the snowboard world what we are made of!

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