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Boarders Bootcamp is a 2 hour session held at PowerPlay in Brooklyn, NY on Tuesdays 7-9pm. The session includes Trampoline time, Jib blocks, and Mobility training to give you the most out of your time and money!

Please Visit our Meet up Team for the Schedule

1 Class - $60




Progression Package

4 Classes - $200 ($50 each)

Progression Package X

10 Classes - $400 ($40 each)

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432 3rd ave Brooklyn, NY

We use an Olympic-sized Trampoline with specially-made boards to gain aerial awareness and learn spins, flips, and grabs. For progression on boxes, rails, and jibbing you will use our practice boards on synthetic snow, low boxes, and a jib bar to practice and drill all the skills you will need to play in the park this season.


Email us at to find out more 

It's time to book a private session on the trampoline or boxes and start learning all the big tricks you want to stomp this season!


Our coaches work with you on your overall balance and awareness before working through a safe progression towards your most difficult goals. You'll be amazed by how much we can cover in a one hour session.

Private Trampoline Session $100/hr

​A private session gives riders the chance to work on basic to advanced aerial maneuvers with a coach. This increases your chance of landing the same maneuver on snow. You will work both with and without snowboards on the trampoline to get the real feel of the motion in the air. Email to talk with a coach and find out more.


             ​-Email to schedule a private session           

             -We supply the boards for the trampoline
        -No jeans or zippers on the trampoline

-$50 per additional person             

         -Please contact to set up group privates


Private Box Session $100/hr*

​These sessions can take place on any hill. Set up a time and place to meet the coach and we provide the boxes. Work one on one with a coach on basic to advanced box / rail tricks. Try many static low-risk drills that will give you superior balance in the park. Email to talk with a coach and find out more.


            ​ -Email to schedule a private session            

                             -You must have your own board, boots, and helmet

        -Long sleeves and pants recommended

-$50 per additional person             

         -Please contact to set up group privates


*additional cost may apply based on location.


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