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About SnowMotion

SnowMotion is proving that snowboarding is as easy as the pros make it look!
After 14 years of teaching snowboarding, we have developed the EFS System (Easier, Faster and Safer) of learning and progressing on a snowboard. We started our first On-Snow lessons in 2009 with a guarantee that if we can´t get you linking turns and riding a lift in one day  you get a second full day FREE! After five years of our on-snow lessons we have never given away a free day. 
The EFS system of teaching used by SnowMotion is a simple method of letting your body feel how to maneuver a snowboard, instead of bombarding your mind with how to's and technical movements that create the classic problem of over thinking that most beginner snowboarders have. 

Our experienced coaches will tailor the On-Snow lessons to your personal experience and goals. Regardless of your current level, we guarantee that we can help you progress to the next level. Our coaches will track your progress and help you achieve an advanced level, so you can be comfortable and have fun on your board.
​ * If it’s your first time on a snowboard, we guarantee that you will be riding comfortably by the end of your first day, or you get a second full day for FREE!
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